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Compost Education and Resources for Western Agriculture (CERWA)

Personnel: David Bezdicek
David Granatstein
Cooperators:Robert Rynk, Dan Sullivan, Cinda Williams
Keywords:composting,compost use,CERWA
Abstract:The CERWA project, funded by Western SARE, produced a number of educational products on the opportunity for composting as a waste management tool for agriculture, and on the use of compost in agriculture for nutrients, soil quality, and other purposes. 
The CERWA project was a collaboration among several western states, including Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, and Colorado.  The purpose was to provide educational opportunities and materials for people interested in using composting or compost in agricultural settings.  Funding was provided by USDA Western SARE Program.  Robert Rynk, formerly at the University of Idaho, was the project lead, with Cinda Williams (UI) providing major logistical support.

1.  Composting broadcasts and videos.  The project produced three broadcasts/videos.  The first was on composting as a tool for western agriculture.  The second was on compost as a resource for western agriculture.  Both were aired as live satellite broadcasts, then made available as videotapes, and finally put on line as videostream.  The third was produced as a videotape only, and then videostreamed.  All 3 videostreams are available at:

 2.  Compost Connection newsletter.  Eight issues of this newsletter were produced, and hard copies sent to Extension and NRCS offices in all the western states.  Copies of these, plus 5 previous issues are available at:

3.  Composting course.  Dr. Dave Bezdicek at WSU developed a new course on composting in the Crops and Soils Dept.  It has been taught live as well as web based.

 4.  Compost Images web site.  An on-line archive of photos of composting equipment and systems was developed as a resource for educators who might need specific images of composting for their educational programs. 

 More information on composting is available at the CSANR Compost  home page.

Impact:The project reached hundreds of people across the region and led to measurable increase in the use of composting and compost on farms, based on the evaluation surveys done.  The broadcasts are still used for educational purposes, as are the images on the web site.
Institution:WSU, UI, USU, OSU
State:ID, WA, UT, OR

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